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XervePure Organic Cow & Buffalo milk is produced naturally without using any artificial growth hormones and antibiotics. It has a rich flavor, creamy texture and that beautiful aroma, many of you have forgotten due to dependence on poor quality packet milk. We know you will agree.

lovin' every sip!

Why Choose ?

• Free Milk Adulteration testing kit*
• We grow our own feed for cows and buffalos in our farms
• No artificial growth hormones give to cows & buffaloes
• Fully automated milking process
• Zero Adulteration
• Delivered directly from farm to your doorsteps

Our Products

Buffalo Full Cream Bottle

1000 ML @ ₹65/-

Cow Milk Bottle

1000 ML @ ₹62/-

Customized Subscription as per your convenience

Easily customizable subscription for hassle free experience. Manage or reschedule your delivery through phone call or XervePure App (coming soon). While on vacations, stop/resume the services as per your convenience.

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